Sunday, March 23, 2014


Brett & I took the kids hiking yesterday up in Joshua Tree National Park. We did a new trail for us. We did a 2 mile, 2 hour hike to the old Wall Street Mill by Barker Dam. It was about an hour in, because we stopped and looked at many things along the way.
Here are the kids at the trail head. They liked this little Joshua Tree and requested their picture be taken with it. 
The desert is in bloom! We played a game of "find something yellow, find something white..." They had a great time looking for these fun colorful flowers. 
We found an old dilapidated car on our hike. We found some lizards running around on it, under it, and all around it. 
We also came across this old windmill. The kids used this stop for a water break. I'm not sure they really needed it because they had been drinking from their CamelBak the whole time. But I know their little legs do get tired!
Look at this beautiful flowering cactus the kids found! 
Here are the pictures from the mill. It was really neat! 
The actual mill. 
Reading the history of the mill with Daddy. Jax playing in the dirt because he's not that interested in history yet. ;)
We stopped here for a snack and even found a little lizard friend! 
We were also celebrating Maryam's "woulda shoulda" day! Seven years ago on March 22 our little Maryam was supposed to be born. But she decided being a December baby is way cooler than being an April baby. ;) Ha! 
Our miracle girl. 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 215

Using Mommy for train tracks!

Day 216

A sick Bubby.

Day 217

Night time swim to cool the fevers.

Day 218

My sucky babies.

Day 219

Maryam's CLD is having a major flare up. She's had neb treatments around the clock every four hours starting last night.

Day 220

Maryam is having a bad bout with her CLD. Here she is FINALLY wearing her nebulizer mask.

Day 221

Jax is feeling better and back at playing with Baby Brooke. Neither could be happier about it!

Day 214

Jax set up all the cars in the playroom like a NASCAR race. He pointed out Tony, JR, and the pace car. So cute!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 213

I took this picture without Jax knowing it.  I loved it because he was playing with the Backyardigans toys that Maryam used to play with.  It made me all teary and happy. 

Day 212

Cousins playing on a turtle at the Zoo. Good times!

Day 211

Jordyn, Maryam and Jax after the wedding hanging out at the Hotel Del Coronado. 

Day 210

Kids watching the trainer feed the penguins at Sea World.  I think they may like Sea World more than Disneyland now!!

Day 209

The kids enjoying their hotel bed after a fun night with friends at an awesome restaurant.

Day 208

Daddy got out the suitcases for our trip to San Diego and the kids took the opportunity to use one as their hiding spot for hide n seek!  RAD.

Day 207

Morning swim with Daddy!!!  The kids love when Daddy is home during the day.  Mommy does too!

Day 206

We took the babies out for ice cream.  They LOVE ice cream!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 203

I just noticed I lost 2 days somewhere!!! Lame of me.
Here are the kids out for their morning swim.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 196

Jax adores Baby Brooke. He spends most of her waking moments trying to keep her entertained. She can barely peel her eyes away from him! Ha!

Day 195

The kids went to tumbling Monday and they LOVE tumbling! Maryam pays attention and tries new things. Jax uses the 45 minutes to run around screaming, jumping and doing whatever else he can get into!

Day 194

We took the kids to Fontana Aquatic Center for a birthday party. Matthew is the son of the man who was the best man at our wedding. We all had fun!